7 Ways To Kill Your MLM Business

Do you really want to¬†kill your network marketing business? I bet if I ask this question to ten MLM’ers they would all tell me no. However, they don’t realize that what they are doing is killing their MLM business. I’m no exception because at one point I didn’t realize that some of the things I was doing were driving my business into the ground until I was taught the very same things you are about to read. Applying these methods will have you become a professional network marketer.

How To Kill Your Network Marketing Business

1. Not Training
If you are brand new to the profession then it’s a must that you go through the proper training before you even try to talk to your first prospect. I’m not talking about the history of your company, the products,or the compensation plan. Yes, those are important but the most important training you can ever learn is prospecting.

Learn the art of approaching, inviting, and following up. You get paid to prospect and enroll distributors so make this your highest priority when it comes to your training.

2. Being a Salesperson












Trying to sell your opportunity is bad. What may even be worse is trying to convince your prospect into joining your network marketing business. Do you really want to work with someone you convinced into the business? If you do, chances are they will not be passionate about the business and will most likely quit. You want to work with people who have the same vision and passion that you do about the business. You are not a salesman. Your job is to supply information about your opportunity so that your prospect can make a decision. Let your company’s presentation do the selling and convincing for you… that’s what it’s used for.

3. Begging Your Prospects
Let me ask you a question… would you want to join someone who is begging you to join their business? You would think you’ll have to beg and plead with your prospect in order to make money. Position yourself as the person who has what your prospect needs in order to fulfill their wants, needs, and desires. Be the successful entrepreneur who is building a business and that you don’t need Mr. Prospect to join you. People are attracted to those who have what they want and if you position or posture yourself in this way then you will increase your chance to enroll more people.

4. Being Emotionally Attached
This is with the company your are with and with the outcome of enrolling prospects. You have to separate your emotions from business and make decisions based on the long term future of your business. Secondly, don’t get emotionally attached to prospect when trying to enroll them. You shouldn’t care if they join you or not… even if you think they will be an All-Star recruiter. Let them walk if the business is not for them. They’re millions of people looking to work form home and getting upset if a prospect walks away is having a lack mentality.

5. Not Being Realistic
Never make false claims to your prospect about how much money they will make and the amount of time it will take to get them there. Nothing wrong with showing them what’s possible but make a disclaimer that if they want to achieve their goals it’s strictly dependent on their efforts and skill sets. Never agree with any outrageous goals they may have. If your prospect says they want to make $20,000 their first month working one hour a day, don’t agree with that nonsense and bring them down to reality. If you make false claims just to enroll a rep it will only hurt yourself. You’ll build a rep of being sleazy, dishonest, untrustworthy and you’ll have a complaining rep to deal with. All deservingly so.

6. Bad Mouthing Your Competition
What good can come out of you taking shots at another rep or network marketing company? Nothing. You only hurt yourself and the industry as a whole. If you and your company is that much better than the person or company you’re taking down, then it would be known without saying anything at all. This also applies if you are prospecting someone and they had a negative experience with MLM before. Explore what wet wrong for them and show them you have the training and support in place to make sure that it won’t be a problem if they join you and your network marketing company.

7. Not Working Your Business
I saved the ultimate killer for last. You can get the first six right but it you don’t work your business than you won’t have any business. What do you get paid for? Prospecting, enrolling, and teaching others to do the same. You have to make connections everyday to show people your business. Make that your number one goal every single day. You don’t get paid for organizing your office, alphabetizing your prospects, or working on your scripts. Those thing do have their place but 80% of your time needs to be talking to people about your business and showing them your companies presentation. You want to fill your pipeline with qualified MLM leads so that you’re always presenting and following up on a daily basis. Can you think of anymore ways to kill your network marketing business?