Why Give Business Gifts?

There are a number of reasons why giving business gifts should form part of your marketing strategy. If you are dubious about the marketing value just think how many hundreds of thousands of often very expensive gifts are given away by companies every year. They are certainly not doing it from a misplaced sense of altruism. They give away inexpensive promotional items or valuable executive gifts because of certain benefits that accrue to their companies.

Firstly, giving away corporate gifts as they are sometimes called is that in most cases the gifts are branded with the business name and logo. This means that whenever you give away such a gift you are spreading a piece of advertising. The recipient of the gift will think of the donating company every time they look at the gift. This means the company will be at the top of the recipients mind when he is looking for the goods and services the company provides. The value of this benefit increases dramatically when you give items that can be used in public such as carry bags, T shirts, peaks, conference folders and so on. You can literally turn the recipients into walking billboards for your business.












Another great benefit that accrues from giving corporate gifts is that this is an ideal way to promote a new product line and achieve an important objective, that of raising your public profile. By distributing items that include advertising slogans that relate to your new product or service, people who receive them will instantly become aware of this in a very personal and direct way. What is more because they are part of your target market they will be qualified and therefore likely interested in buying the product or services.

Business gifts are also perfect for use as purchase incentives. Offer a free item to customers when the purchase goods and services and see them flood in to take advantage of the offer. In addition, free gifts can be used to increase revenue by offering customers a choice of items when a certain value has been reached after they make several separate purchases.

Giving corporate gifts is an incomparably powerful way to build strong and long lasting client relationships. By offering gifts to customers who place orders with your company or giving gifts during the holiday season is a wonderful way to show appreciation to the very people your business relies on for revenue.

Never forget your employees. They, as well as clients, are important in terms of keeping your business running. You rely on them heavily each and every day. Yes, they are paid to do their jobs but corporate gifts are a great motivator to personnel. Giving gifts at appropriate times is a terrific way to keep up staff morale. Gifts and employee incentive bonuses show your employees you value the work they do. Remember, happy employees are likely to be productive employees and that can only be good for your business. Give them gifts, even small ones, and see them smile.