Carpenters Insurance – Are You Getting The Best Carpenter Insurance Cover For Your Business?

As a Carpenter, you need insurance that is specific to your needs, a policy that suits your business.

A one-size fits all insurance just won’t cut it.

Make sure you find an insurance company that deals exclusively in insurance for tradies and especially carpenters.

Some insurance companies specialise in home and contents insurance or travel insurance – what you need is a tradies insurance company. Your insurance advisers need to understand how carpenters and other tradesmen run their businesses.

Further, to lighten the cost of insurance, look for an insurance company that allows carpenters to pay the premium by the month at no additional cost!

Your insurance adviser should ask questions specific to being a carpenter to ensure that you are completely covered. For example, if you’re a carpenter you probably have a work vehicle and it’s likely you have a trailer. While it’s likely you will have insurance cover for your work car, what about your trailer and all the tools and stock in it? You’ll need to cover all that too!

Ask your insurance advisers about bundling your insurance into a Carpenters Insurance Package. Cover yourself against injury to other people and damage to property owned by others with Public Liability Insurance, cover your tools and gear with Tools Insurance, your ute with Work Vehicle Insurance and your business with tax audit, statutory liability, transit, theft and property.

Carpenters should also note that it is worth considering Illness & Injury Insurance (formerly Income Protection) because it covers you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whether you are on the job or not. Income Protection insurance provides the peace of mind a carpenter needs so that you won’t risk putting your livelihood at risk.

Carpenters sometimes confuse WorkCover with Income Protection. If you are laid up and off work for a long period of time, it’s Illness & Injury Insurance (formerly Income Protection Insurance) that you need to keep the money flowing to pay your bills and other living expenses as you recover.

24/7 income protection insurance covers carpenters anywhere, anytime. You’re covered if you wipe out surfing, get knocked down by a seasonal flu or give yourself a head injury by falling off a ladder at home. Your income will be protected – but only if you’ve got Illness & Injury Insurance!

Carpenters should also ask about Carpenters Business Insurance which can include business insurance products such as general property, tax audit, transit and statutory liability.

Carpenters Business Insurance for property provides cover against loss or damage to buildings, contents and any stock which might be the result of fire, storm and water. Theft from your premises is also covers your contents and stock.

Carpenters Business Insurance covers your premises for breakage to glass from a small fracture extending through the entire thickness of the external or internal glass. It also covers buildings owned by you or for which you are legally responsible and this includes fixtures, fittings and underground or above ground services, walls, gates, fences and all other structures improvements at that location.

Compare insurance companies by organising an online quote and check the exclusions to ensure you benefit from a Carpenters Insurance Package specific to your requirements and at an affordable price.