Achieve Your Goals – Do You Have All The Goal Resources You Need?

Do you have all the resources you need for achieving your goal? This appears to be a simple question but is actually much more complex than most people think. What is a resource anyway? What are the actual resources you need? Do you need them all up front? Do you delay starting your goal until you have those resources? This article will cover the type of goal resources you might need and suggest some approaches that you will benefit from when you analyse your goal resource inventory.

A resource is anything that will help you achieve your goal. Resources can be tangible things such as money, transport, clothing, tools, facilities, etc… Resources can be intangible things such as time, knowledge, dextrous skills, etc… Resources can also be emotionally based things such as commitment, confidence, resilience, courage, etc…

Be aware that you generally need resources from each section and deficiencies in any section can leave you high and dry. Having all the commitment in the world cannot help if you have no money or tools. Likewise all the skills in the world will not help you if you have no confidence.

Resource issues can arise for a number of reasons.

When starting a goal there might have been assumptions made about the resources you had and you may have underestimated the work and resources needed for the goal to be achieved. If this is acknowledged and accepted then you have options to put your goal on hold until resources are acquired or adapt the goal to suit current conditions. At the beginning a more thorough and honest examination of what was really required in terms of resources would have been of real benefit to you.

Trying to make sure everything is in place before you start is equally bad as you will in fact never get started. There are always unknowns and your ability to deal with uncertainty is a key factor. Too much tolerance of uncertainty leads to overconfidence and underestimation of resources whilst too little tolerance of uncertainty leads to paralysis.

It is laudable and important that a goal stretches you and inspires you to try new things but bear in mind the psychological costs of not achieving the goal.

I recommend that the big goals be broken down into more manageable and achievable sub-goals that allow you to grow into the big challenges. Gaining a particular resource that you need for the big goal makes the ideal basis for an early sub-goal.

Plan your goals well and check your resource inventory but do not fail to start at all due to too much planning. Everything in life is a balancing act. Embrace some uncertainty and form new sub-goals to deal with things as they occur. I wish you well.