Consultancy Firms in Need of a Resource Scheduling Solution

Human resources are the largest expenditures consulting companies have to make; hence it is important that they use them efficiently and get best value out of them. However, the larger and more diverse the company, often the more difficult and less effective this exercise will become. This issue spreads across all areas within the consultancy industry such as the law sector, the IT sector and the engineering sector. Hence in order to utilize your consulting staff in the most efficient manner, it is imperative to use the support of a strong resource scheduling software.

Automating a company’s resource scheduling processes shaves off large amounts of time that would be wasted in collecting the data, analyzing, arranging and presenting it. It reduces the stress that managers experience in having to deal with such large amounts of information that can often become confusing. It also improves the overall communication of the company’s consulting staff, by presenting resource plans and data in a way that is simple yet powerful to understand.

Law firms with a large number of consultants, ranging from different areas of specialization and expertise, face severe planning and scheduling issues. So for a firm with even a minimum of just ten consultants it would be tough to allocate and extract full output from each and every one of them without a proper resource scheduling tool. Consultants also possess varying degrees of skills and expertise with different areas of expertise which are all determining factors of the salaries paid. Thus a resource planning and scheduling tool will help in allocating the right type of resource to each specific project, cutting cost and increasing output.

In the case of an IT consulting firm some of the duties performed are required to either provide professional advice, act as temporary staffing options for IT firms or to outsource all or part of IT services. Thus managers would want to be able to forecast the number of IT resources that are required to be sent out for temporary staffing purposes or to be utilized for advisory purposes either in the short or long term. Such visibility over the future allows for wiser staffing and costing decisions. Therefore a suitable forecasting resource planning and scheduling tool will help in meeting demand to supply and reducing any output gap.

Engineering consultancy firms are also victim to the misallocation of their resources. With some engineering firms that have several locations around the country or world it is hard to gain full visibility of all the available resources. Even for smaller firms that have a limited amount of resources and are not diversified in varying locations, losing track of their skill and availability can happen quickly. Thus having software that lets you see all the engineering consultants with clean visibility of their skills, location, booking times and other relevant information helps in proper project allocation.