Five Tips for WAHM’s to Remain Professional when Working from Home

Today’s entrepreneur competition is tightening daily. Looking professional when working from home is now a must. It will help curb the, “Get a real job.” comments. Also, when communicating with your customers via e-mail or telephone, you will unsurprisingly come across more professional and this can affect your profits in a positive way. We have collected five tips to help you to keep up a professional appearance, even when no one is looking.

Tip #1: The Early Bird Gets the Worm!

This old stand-by is truer than ever. Getting up before you children, your husband and before any professional obligations need to be tended to, gives you a professional start. Wake up, wash your face, style your hair and dress professional casual. You may not have a need for strict professional dress. So, just dress as you would if you were to meet your customers in person. This will positively affect your performance, your drive and your vocal tone when communicating with your customers.

Tip #2: Clear the Junk!

It may sound easier said than done, but it could be the difference in your total sales for the year. Clear your workspace. You can take old shoeboxes (Ask your local shoes tore for left over boxes) and create mini file cabinets for all of your knick-knacks that pile up over time. Be sure to label them! Magazine holders are great ways to store file folders that you need to keep at close range, such as those for current or open projects. Also, use a pleasant smelling cleaner or air freshener.

Tip #3: Create a Professional Assistant!

Cutie greetings on your answering machine will not do. Record a professional and direct message. For inspiration, call a large company and listen to theirs. Also, there are several answering services that cater to WAHM’s and small businesses. That way, when you need to focus on your family, you can still have a professional appearance and never miss a call. And finally, get rid of the free service e-mail addresses. Nothing says busniess like a serious e-mail address. does not inspire confidence in those who are looking to work with you.

Tip #4: Print Professional Business Cards!

Home printed business cards are so very 1995. Printing and computer design may not have anything to do with your business, but the appearance of professionalism does. You can get one thousand business cards professionally printed for around $20. Search around and see what suits your business. Keep in mind that just like your answering machine greeting and your e-mail account name, keep the cutie stuff out.

Tip #5: Set your Own Hours!

Finally! The one thing they always promised you when you we told about working from home! Let’s rein it in. You have to set your business hours. Have an open time, a time for lunch and a time to turn off the computer. The tighter your hours of business, the better you can manage the family side of your life. Obviously there is wiggle room for overtime, just try to keep your work hours from pilfering your family time!

Remember, although you may never meet with your customers in person, how you prepare yourself will significantly affect the attitude your customers will notice. They will trust you more with their money, and you will win the battle for business over your competition, even if the competition charges less. So go set your alarm for tomorrow morning, right now!