SEO Articles – How To Make An Effective Resource Box

Although SEO articles have a great impact in your business, there are other specific factors in your SEO articles that can definitely help you as far as driving traffic to your site. What specific factors are we talking about? Just two words… resource box.

You cannot imagine how underrated or undervalued a resource box is to your business’s success. To begin with, if your SEO articles are of high quality but you don’t let the people know where to find you, chances are your readers will just look for other SEO articles to read after reading yours even if your article really helped them a lot. That’s because you didn’t tell them that there’s more of those helpful ideas on your site.

That’s where the resource box fills in the gap. After your SEO articles are read, you should have a “call-to-action” to tell the readers what exactly you want them to do.

So what do you do to create an effective resource box? Let me share with you some tips when writing a resource box. I’ll be writing a few more of these tips on the succeeding articles but as for this here are some of the tips you can start with:

Use the mysterious effect…

Allow me to expound. On this strategy, instead of saying what the actual solution is to the reader’s problems, you need to use vague and mysterious words instead. Doing these on your SEO articles will surely help you as far as increasing your site’s traffic.

For example, if your business is about teaching people how to become an authority in their niche, you can say something like this…

“Bonus Tip – Did you know that over 90% of online entrepreneurs fail at being an authority in their niche? I have found out what authority site owners do to get them to the top. Learn the SECRET STRATEGY that these successful entrepreneurs do to be an authority. To learn about it visit —> (your link)”

What this kind of resource box does is that it reminds people of what their problem is (not sure about how to become an authority) and that the solution is on your link. If they feel strongly that they want to become an authority in their niche, they’ll be sure to click your link to learn more about what the secret strategy is. Besides, saying “secret strategy” makes you itch for more on what the solution is to your problem.

Now compare that to this…

“Mr. XXXXX is the owner of He has been an online entrepreneur for x years and is still… ”

This is how traditional resource boxes look like. It looks boring and it pretty much tells people about yourself (which they aren’t really interested about). What they are interested in is finding out how to become an authority. That’s what you should give them!

You should make it look like it’s part of the article.

Other writers end their articles by saying “I hope this article’s helped you… or as a final reminder… “, and then write their resource box. If you’ve already ended your SEO articles (or atleast make it sound that you’ve ended them already), why do you think would readers continue reading? They don’t care about the resource box. Once again, they only care about solving their problem which can supposedly be found the article. Anything after that (at least as far as the general readers are concerned) is advertisement.

Do not make them feel or think that your SEO articles has already ended not until your resource box has already been read. You’re article’s end is your resource box and not just your article’s actual closing paragraph. Others would even go as far as making their resource box their closing paragraph (which is what I suggest that you should do). That way, people will read your resource box and not end at your article’s closing paragraph.

Give them something that’s of quality FOR FREE.

People who make websites for the purpose of growing their leads/subscriptions or opt-ins are an expert in making this work. To pull-off this kind of strategy, you first need to make a free manual or video that will help solve your reader’s problems. This will be your “bait” (for the lack of a better word) to entice people to click your link. So at your resource box, it should have something like this written on it…

“If you need a step by step guide to make you an authority in your niche, get our Authority Guide Videos (5 Videos) all for free and be at ease in knowing that you’re on your way to the top. Get the free module now at (Your link)”

If you have this kind of resource box, your readers will want to get the free videos that are going to help them solve their problem. The fact that it can solve their problem plus you are giving it away to them for free is a too good of an opportunity to pass for them. If you’re the reader, you’d probably be asking yourself… “What have I got to lose?”

These are just some of the techniques you can use in your resource box. These techniques, if implemented or used correctly, can give you the click through rates you need. Ignore these tips and you’ll find yourself missing out on the opportunities of your high traffic SEO articles. Remember that what you want is to convert the traffic on your SEO articles on the directory sites.