Use Self-Hypnosis to Gain Resources From Your Parents and Grandparents

During my own wedding speech as groom, I mentioned that I felt it was my own parents fault that I had not gotten married until I was in my early 30s. They had been married for 40 years and my grandparents had been married for over 60 years when they passed away… Two sets of people that were very influential in my life that offered a template of how marriage and relationships were supposed to be.

I felt that all the relationships I found myself in were somehow lacking and in the years prior to meeting my wife, I really thought I was going to be eternally single. I actually got comfortable with that notion… So I felt that my perception of what a relationship is was actually hindering my ability to be in a successful relationship. I saw it all as some kind of curse even.

Yet today, I see it as a true blessing. I derived a huge amount of wisdom about relationships and love from those important people in my life. It helped me to make some brilliant and beneficial decisions for myself.

Upon hearing my wedding speech, a great friend of mine told me how he wished he had the same kind of role models. His grandparents had passed away when he was very young and his parents divorced at a very young age… It was quite a conundrum to him. He felt like he had missed out.

This technique and process is one whereby I show you how you can get all the wisdom, resource, influence and love from the generations that went before you. Follow this process.

Step One: In a place where you are going to remain undisturbed for a period of time, get yourself into a receptive state of mind. Ideally a state of self-hypnosis, just get relaxed and allow your awareness to move inside of yourself. Ideally, do large sections, if not all, of these steps with your eyes closed to truly engage your imagination.

Imagine in front of you, three lines of time. These are three timelines that represent three different people’s lives. Lines of time with all the information of all the events, circumstances and situations that occurred for that person, mapped out along that line of time. One direction is the distant past, moving towards the present and can span into the future.

One timeline is for you and your life.

One timeline represents either of your parents.

One timeline represents either of your grandparents (the parents of that chose parent).

With those three timelines in mind and ensuring you are feeling receptive, move on to the next step.

Step Two: So now we want to decide upon and create the resources that you are to gain from this process.

Being in a neutral position, as if you were a fly on the wall or a neutral observer, have an awareness of your family system, feel part of a larger system that is your family and its two previous generations. just take it in like you would a beautiful landscape or sea view before you.

Think of resources or gifts that would benefit the family in the form of an emotion, a strength or a resource of some kind. Think of some kind of statement that sums up that emotion or resource. Just say in your mind a real statement of what you believe is the emotion that is missing the most, or the resource that would benefit everyone here the most.

With that in mind, move on to step three.

Step Three: You give the resources to your grandparent.

Imagine that, borne out of the wisdom and gratitude from the future, borne out of the wisdom of all the minds of you three people, that you now float back over your timeline to the birth and early childhood of your grandparent.

Imagine holding and touching your grandparent as an infant. Some people like to get spiritual, others might imagine some ethereal gentleness of a higher presence, others may just wish to be practical and offer up the resources symbolically.

Offer your statement, give the resources, transfer the emotion… In whatever way you feel is best, just deliver what you feel is needed to the infant version of your grandparent. Once you are sure you have given them that, then move on.

Step Four: You now experience this from the grandparent’s point of view.

Step into the shoes of your grandparent. That is, really be them for a few moments, shift your perceptual position and be them. Truly being your grandparent, receive the resources, or the emotion or the symbolic message. Receive what was given.

Imagine experiencing this blessing, feel the resources or emotion and spread them through the body. hear the statement that accompanied it and let it become part of how and who you are. Revel and bask in it and enjoy it.

Step Five: You now give the same resources or emotion to your parent as the grandparent.

Holding these resources and/or gift in your heart, still being the grandparent, now move up along the time line, move into the future of your life as the grandparent and move to the point of the birth and infancy of your parent (your grandparent’s child).

In your grandparent’s shoes, being them, pass on the resource, the blessing, symbol or whatever else it was.

Really enjoy the sense of giving. bestowing that wonderful thing upon your child. When you are sure you have given it fully, then move on to the next step.

Step Six: Then as we did similarly and previously, you now experience this from the parent’s position.

Step into the shoes of your parent. Immerse yourself in them. See through those eyes, hear through those ears, feel as if you are them.

Imagine being held by the grandparent, feel what that is like. Then feel how you receive that resource, that emotion or gift. Receive it, spread it throughout you and within you, bask in it, revel in it and thoroughly get a sense of how it is being given as you receive it with love and affection.

Only when you are sure that you have received that, move on to the next step.

Step Seven: Finally then, you now give them to yourself as the parent.

Hold these resources in your heart.

Now begin to float forward through your parent’s timeline through your own birth and infancy. While truly being in the shoes of your parent, with your parents perceptual position, pass on the wisdom, the love, the statement, the resource or the emotion.

Feel the connection as you give it and only when you feel you have truly given this with a beautiful intention, then move on.

Step Eight: Experience this from your position as a baby.

Move back into your own timeline, into your past where you are a baby.

Imagine being held, loved and nurtured by your parent, receivĀ­ing the gift, resource, metaphor, or whatever else it is. Receive that, let it work its way into you, spreading through you, being taken on board truly and totally.

Again, only when you are sure that this has been received and embraced in full, move on to the next step.

Step Nine: You now return to the present day with this emotion, gift, wisdom, resource etc.

As you continue ahead in your timeline, as you progress through the time of your life, imagine that each event, situation and circumstance of your entire life is now being affect by you having had this resource, emotion or gift.