Top 5 Generals in C&C – Generals – Zero Hour

In the previous version which is Command and Conquer: Generals players have only to choose three factions: USA, China and GLA. Each factions has a play style in accordance with their real-world counterparts. Players can gain advantage when having super weapons. The USA’s Particle Cannon, China’s Nuclear Missile and GLA’s SCUD Storm. Due to its popularity EA Games launched another expansion pack. The Command and Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour.

This time, players can choose different factions with different generals. Each has its own abilities, characteristics and strategy. The USA and GLA both has 3 Generals and China has 4 Generals but the other one is not playable by players, rather you will face this General at the end of the Challenge Mode of the game. It has cinematic mission that each time the mission starts, it consist some of the 3 factions new network that re-enacts as the reported event before the mission starts.Well, which one you think is the best General? Here is my top 5 Generals and tell you why they deserve this rank.

5. General Tsing Shi Tao

He specializes on weapons and tanks powered and optimizes by nuclear advancements. All of the tanks has nuclear shells and has greater advantages than any other Chinese Generals in Nuclear Power Plants.

4. General Malcolm “Ace” Granger

He specializes on air units, giving him the advantage. All air units cost cheaper than tanks and infantry units. Some upgrades are: Combat Chinook, Stealth Comanche and Laser Defense System which deflects incoming missile when air units are being attacked.

3. General Ta Hun Kwai

He specializes on tanks, giving him the advantage on “Tank Rush” and can afford on buying them cheaper than its original cost. All tanks start as veterans and can upgrade the Battle Master Tank in an elite rank with the Generals Promotion.

2. General Alexis Alexander

She specializes on Weapons of Mass Destruction and fortification. She use advanced supersonic Aurora Bomber,cheaper superweapons, strengthened power grids, and EMP base defenses.