Why Choose General Transcription Instead of Medical Transcription?

Did you know that you can get general transcription work from home without any specialized training?

Do you know the difference between medical transcription, legal transcription and general transcription?

1. Medical transcription does not give you immediate work at home. Medical transcription requires extensive training and knowledge of medical terminology and most employers will require that you’ve worked at least two years in a medical office before allowing you to work from home.

2. Legal transcription requires specialized training as well.

3. On the other hand, you can get started with general and business transcription immediately. General transcription is typing or transcribing any kind of dictation that is not medical or legal. You can transcribe interviews, meetings, telephone conversations, seminars, voicemail messages, memos, letters a variety of documents and more.

Benefits of General Transcription:

General transcription is the quickest, easiest type of transcription to start with.  You don’t need any specialized training for general transcription and business transcription.  You need to have excellent English, grammar and typing skills, be able to listen what is being said and then transcribe or type those words in a way that will make sense to the reader.


If your typing speed is low, you can work on improving it with free online typing tutoring programs. You can also find web sites that will help you brush up on your grammar and punctuation skills.

The Biggest Benefit of All

The upfront costs to provide general transcription are very low. You can start transcribing without a foot pedal and use the hotkeys provided with some of the free transcription software to stop, start, rewind and play the recording.

What Equipment You’ll Need Eventually to be More Productive:

Although you don’t need a foot pedal to start getting general transcription work from home, getting a foot pedal will speed up transcription and make you more productive.

Headphones will give you better sound. They’ll help you hear better what’s being said and make it easier to transcribe as accurately as possible. Many inexpensive headphones will work just fine. You can get a good quality headset when you start making money.

You’ll need MS Word but you probably already have Word on your computer.

You also need transcription software to do digital transcription. There are several good transcription programs you can download for free.  After installing the transcription software and receiving an audio file, the software will recognize the digital file and the transcriptionist can open the file, hear the recording and transcribe it. Digital files are as easy to work with as the old cassette transcribers.

Most transcription companies will hire transcriptionists as an independent contractor. You can get your own clients. Or you can do a combination of both. When having your own clients you can get higher rates.

Most companies require a resume. Make sure to mention any type of transcription you may have done in a business office, i.e., transcribing correspondence, legal or real estate documents.

If you’re interested in becoming a medical transcriptionist, try out general transcription first. General transcription is the easiest kind of transcription to start and get your foot in the door. You can always take classes in medical or legal transcription later.