Design Agencies Can Help Your Business Expand

If you own a busniess or company it may serve you well to hire a design agency to create some promotional material for your business. No company can stay afloat without promoting themselves or advertising. You could always take it upon yourself to advertise your own business but we all know how this doesn’t always work. Almost any business or company can be advertised on the internet or through paper material like business cards and brochures. Even web design agencies that have background in designing brochures can turn a paper brochure into an internet brochure.

The best bet for your business in terms of promotion is to hire a web marketing agency that also has experience in brochure design. Even if you do not have enough promotional material to fill a lengthy website or you do not have an internet store that you sell merchandise on you can still promote your business through a brochure type page online. A simple one or two page website that spells out what the company is and who the company is can inform a potential client or customer that you exist and you have a service or product that you can offer to them even if it is not there on the website. This is a great method to put yourself out there and inform people that your business is actually in existence. It creates an awareness about your company and will bring you more traffic in the long run. Bertie Agency is one of the best design agencies that will help you to create a great buzz and informative chatter about your business or company.


Recently, today actually, I saw a post of a video on Facebook that detailed simple questions posed to university students regarding BASIC social and historic facts, events and the people who govern our country. The results were astounding to say the least! Abject failure and an inability to name or identify ANY of the people, places and events. Let me repeat… NONE.

The formal education system in the U.S. was designed to meet the demands of the industrial revolution by providing basic education to the masses. Pretty simple right? So why is it that we fail to recognize or refuse to acknowledge that the demands are different today? There has not been a calculable redefinition or evolution of the educational system since. This is scary as it will define the failure of our country step-by-step and bit-by-bit until we are reduced to a social collection of ignorance.

Let’s examine the cause and solutions.

1. Closed for Business!

Schools find their existence tied to community standards and financial restraints based on the community support… or lack of. The result is that schools are closing at an alarming rate across the country. The decision to close a school rarely reflects the needs of a community or, more importantly, the needs of the students!

There seems to be less concern for the needs of the communities children’s education than the economic demands of the location of the school or the resources available. Where is the federal government when this happens? Well, they are partially to blame. The government rhetoric details the need for affordable, quality education while they demand that school systems adhere to specific federal mandates that tie the school administration’s hands to comply with political wants. So much for federal support.