Top Places to Visit in Menorca

When planning a trip to Menorca, villa holidays have many obvious attractions – including the chance to define your own itinerary for exploring this beautiful island.

Here are a few ideas for places to visit while you’re there – though they’re certainly not in any priority order.

1. Mahon

This is the island’s compact and very atmospheric capital. Closely associated with the Royal Navy as a base for about a century, today it’s a chic and charming town with lots to see and do. Check out some of the old British Georgian architecture buildings, the quaint harbour, the great museum and the gin factory. The latter serves a taste for gin the islanders developed courtesy of the British days in Menorca. Villa holidays will allow you to plan a day trip to this lovely town, and perhaps even return several times.

2. Ciutadella

This was the original ancient capital before the British moved the title to Mahon due to the latter’s superb harbour. Ciutadella has a much more Spanish and Moorish feeling to its architecture than Mahon. You can explore its very picturesque, narrow winding streets and many boutiques, cafés and bars. Try to visit the 14th century cathedral (built on the site of a mosque), The Plaça d’es Born, with its 19th century grace, and the Carrer Ses Voltes for some interesting and up-market shopping.

3. Monte Toro

As mountains go this isn’t a lot to speak of, being only about 1100 feet high, but from the top the views over the island are superb. You can turn on a circle and see the entire island from coast to coast. Given that on your Menorca villa holidays you’ll probably have use of a hire car anyway, this trip is easy and well worthwhile.

4. The glass bottom boat trip from Mahon

Now before you groan at the touristy nature of this, give it the benefit of the doubt. Yes, you can get this sort of trip all over the Med, but the one from Mahon is particularly interesting.

5. Cales Coves

Apart from being a great coastal location, the cliffs contain around 100 ancient dwellings that were carved into them. In the same local area you can see ancient cave paintings and further archaeological remains from pre-history.

6. Binibèquer

This is a very pretty little village and beach resort with white-washed houses. The beach is small but very beautiful. Some will tell you this is the best beach on the island but, of course, that’s open to huge and controversial debate. What isn’t is that the beach bar here claims to be the only one on the island where you can sit and take your drink while your feet are in the sea!