Gay Life in Barcelona

As soon as you arrive in Barcelona you’ll notice how trendy and stylish the people are, both locals and tourists. Catalonians also have a reputation for being friendly and sociable and you can be guaranteed the welcome they’ll extend is warm and will embrace people from all corners of the world.

There is a large gay scene in Barcelona and it’s well-known for being gay friendly, people come here from nearby European countries and other Spanish cities looking for something different to experience, and there’s a large student population too. Many choose a rental apartment as they are generally cheaper than hotels, if you are visiting with friends then you can come and go as you please, no questions asked.

Las Ramblas is the main tourist street that extends from the port through the centre of the city and stops just short of the gay village. All along this street you’ll find entertainers and performers that will amaze and delight, thousands of holidaymakers walk its length for the visual delights. This area does have a reputation for pickpockets and is very touristy which is fine if that’s what you want but if you’re looking for something less crowded or more traditional then it probably won’t be to your liking.

It’s worth remembering in Barcelona that most people eat late, so expect to go for dinner from 9pm onwards, bars become busy around midnight, and then it can be 3 in the morning before anyone even hits the clubs! They stay open until 6am but then there are after clubs you can go onto if you are still up for it so you don’t get less time enjoying yourself, just make sure you don’t go out too early and get lots of sleep during the afternoon siesta!

Mostly people out for the night will start off at one of the popular coffee shops or pavement cafes for a cocktail before having a light dinner, then it’s onto a bar and club. L’Eixample, otherwise known as Gayxample, is the gay village area that goes around the University from Villadomat to Passeig de Gràcia. The scene here is vibrant and lively and the area has a lot of historical buildings making it a great place to hang out for the evening. Even if you’re straight you’ll be welcome here as long as you have just come to dance and have fun – troublemakers are not tolerated!

You’ll find attractive girls and boys walking around handing out tickets and fliers to some of the clubs that will get you in for free or offer the first drink free, keep your eye out for them as they can save you a lot of money – drinks and entrance fees aren’t cheap here. You can also get free ‘After Hours’ passes from PR people as the main clubs close if you still have the energy.

Dietrich on Consell de Cent has a nightly drag show, Zafron is a lesbian and gay bar on Casanova, also located here is All Free Girls with beautiful girls and a good nightly programme of events to look forward to. Cafe de le Calle on Carrer de Vic is a popular meeting place whilst Bahia on Carrer de Seneca and La Rosa on Passatge de Brusi are primarily for women only.

Metro disco was one of the first gay clubs to open in the city and is open every day from 2am. Its 5 bars, dark room and video lounge attracts a varied crowd who enjoy dance music, house with resident dj’s, cabaret, sexy boys, and even bingo. Look out for Arena VIP too as it’s famous on the gay scene.

Sitges is an area on the coast just southwest of Barcelona and attracts more of an international crowd, about a half hour trip from the city it’s busiest from Easter to the end of Summer. It’s also the location where the Carnival is held in February and you’ll get the chance to see some of the most outrageous parades. Wherever you decide to stay for your vacation an apartment Barcelona rental makes sense as you can cook here if you prefer and they are more spacious than hotel rooms.