Picasso Museum, Barcelona

The most popular museum in Barcelona is dedicated to Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) and covers the artist’s formative years in the city, his famous blue period 1901-04, and his variations on the Velázquez masterpiece “Las Meninas” the permanent collection is on the top two floors.

Early works

The oils that line the walls of the first section of the Picasso museum, are from his adolescence. They are mainly portraits such as the famous “Man with Hat” (1895) other works include “Carrer de la Riera de Sant Joan” (1900), a view from the artist’s studio window, and “Passeig de Colom” (1917) another view-inspired painting. The next rooms deal with the artist’s social impressions of his first trip to Paris, and include what must surely be one of the most passionate paintings of all time: “The Embrace” (1900). His groundbreaking Blue and Rose periods are possibly the least represented in the Barcelona museum, although the space devoted to them does contain “The Madman” (1904) in which Picasso conveys human suffering with unprecedented skill.

The “Las Meninas” Paintings

The “Between the Wars” rooms illustrate the artist’s first venture into what would become known as Cubism in “Figure with Fruit Bowl” (1917). But much of this work acts as a mere interlude to the “Las Meninas” series of paintings. From the early 1950s Picasso started looking towards the great artists such as El Greco, Manet and Courbet, but his prime Obsession was with Velázquez. The result was a series of canvases on the common theme of the Spanish painter’s masterpiece “Las Meninas” (dated 1656 and on show in the Prado)

Final years

The final section of the Museum: “The last years”, shows Picasso’s need to increase his output. He worked around the clock producing a spontaneous almost naive and infantile style. He also dabbled in Ceramic work and collage work; examples of both are in the final room

General Information

The Picasso Museum Barcelona is located on Carrer Montcada 15-23, 08003, Barcelona.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am-8pm.

Nearest metro stops are: Line 4 – Jaume I, Line 3 – Liceu, Line 1 – Arc de Triomf Station.

Group: if you are planning to visit the Museum as a group you must make the booking before 2pm the day prior to the visit or you will not be allowed entry. Groups are not allowed on Sunday’s wen the museum is reserved for individual entry only.