How Ebay’s Lastest Policy Change Is A Valuable Marketing Lesson

EBay made a policy change which will change the way many online marketers will do business. It seems that you can no longer put up for auction any digital down-loadable products. This is bad news for many sellers. They had relied on this method to build their online business. Many people made a fatal error of relying on too much on one source for their traffic.

A popular method to build a list is to sell down-loadable products on EBay for .01. The main idea is to collect the buyers email address, and add it to an autoresponder. Then the seller will try to get the buyer to purchase other products relating to the same subject.

The reason this method was so effective is because eBay drives a ton of traffic. Highly targeted traffic who is there looking for something to buy. You could call that highly qualified traffic.

And it was a powerful model to build a list. As you can imagine this policy change has sent shock waves throughout the online community. Many people were caught off guard by the announcement.

The big mistake was relying way too much on one strategy to build a list, or drive traffic. And it can be tempting to focus most if not all of your efforts a tactic when it works so well. The fatal flaw is that while effective you are at the mercy of outside forces beyond your control.

This is especially true when the technique is under the control of a 3rd party like EBay or Google. And in most cases a policy change comes out of thin air without warning. Remember the Google Slap? This policy change by EBay won’t be the last by them, and you can bet that others will make changes as well.

This is why you need to diversify your marketing methods. It will reduce the reliance of any one source for your sales. That way if somebody has a “policy change” you are not left out flapping in the breeze.

You need to get as many different methods in place as possible. The more the merrier, but you must keep it manageable. I’d rather know a hundred ways to get one sale, than one way to get hundred sales.

By putting a strong diversified marketing plan in place it will help lessen the pain the next time someone decides to make a policy change.