Nokia E71 Mobile Phone Review – A Full QWERTY Keypad on a Stylish Phone

As many Nokia E-series phones were almost useless, original box phones, the E-series started to come up in the mobile phone world last year with the E51 and E65. As the N-series is a multimedia series, the E-series was almost as enticing and Nokia has announced the release of the Nokia E71 which is to be available in July.


Surprisingly, the Nokia E71 impressed us with its design. A perfectly weighted, metal cased, attractive phone is exactly what it is. One major plus is its keypad that fits just right and makes it one of the most attractive smart phones ever.

The phones screen and keypad are nice features and we were impressed to see easy shortcut keys that make it easy to access your contacts, emails, and calendar. It fits a 10mm profile and slides easily into your pocket even though it is wider than your average handset. However, this Qwerty keypad is one of the best smart-phone keypads ever with raised keys that are small but still easy to use.

The metal casing provides extra protection to ensure the use of this phone will stand strong even if you drop it multiple times. It has started out looking as if it will be a lifelong prototype.


Just like its series related companion the E90, this phone’s feature list is booming! Unlike most business-oriented phones, there is nothing out of place and lacking in this phone.

Since it is a smart-phone normally used for business, we are pleased to say email setup on this phone is a breeze. Gmail and Yahoo email accounts are as simple as entering your email address and password; however, the Microsoft Exchange portion of this phone, which it also supports, can be difficult to setup if you aren’t smart-phone friendly yourself.

Fly through the World Wide Web using Wi-Fi or HSDPA data connections from almost anywhere on Earth. While it has a built-in Wi-Fi scanner, it’s recommended to turn this feature off to conserve battery life; although, you can easily find and connect to a hotspot nearby.
Unlike normal built-in browsers, the E71’s browser isn’t that bad when you’re cruising through the internet. It displays web pages in full and even supports Flash-meaning you can video-hop YouTube in your spare time if you can bear to wait through the sluggish “hear it then see it” style.

Opera Mini and Google Maps are also supported (a big plus in our eyes) due to its use of the S60 operating system. It’s easy to get directions and even track your location using Google Maps’ sat-nav feature since the E71 comes equipped with GPS.

Want more features that what Google Maps’ offers? Nokia Maps comes pre-installed and allows voice navigation, as well as, screenshot saving capabilities-however, good features don’t come freely so be prepared to pay for this app.

Are you a professional business man/woman during the day but a wild and crazy kid at night? Sometimes it is useful to keep you business affairs away from your personal life to prevent the headaches, which the E71 allows you to do.

Although impressed so far, we were very unsatisfied with the 3.2 megapixel camera equipped on the E71. Blurry photos and sluggish shutter speeds make the camera disappointing but hopefully Nokia will upgrade their camera in future models.


Although it is obvious that not running Wi-Fi, HSDPA, and other non-essential connections off will preserve your battery life, the E71 stood up a full two days before needing a recharge while tested during real life situations.


Looking for an email phone with a Qwerty keypad? As long as you don’t have to have a perfect phone, the E71 is probably the best choice. It packs so many features that you can almost do anything with it and works as both a business and personal phone all in the palm of your hand.

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