Ten Top Cures For The Deadly Disease of Marketing Apathy In Your Business

There is a dreaded and deadly disease embedded in too many businesses today. What is it? It is called APATHY or more specifically MARKETING APATHY. It is highly contagious and has become widespread among businesses. The symptoms of this disease are: lack of interest; lack of motivation; satisfaction with the status quo; lack of passion; complacency; passiveness; lack of follow-up and follow-through; and a general disregard for marketing activities. These symptoms create a formidable barrier to the success of you and your business. If you or others in your business suffer from any of these symptoms, then Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach urges you to try one or more of the top ten cures for MARKETING APATHY immediately!

Cure #1: Develop a clearly defined and focused vision for your business, as well as a mission statement and a list of core values or guiding principles. Share this with the entire company to motivate everyone to focus on the vision and mission for the company.

Cure #2: Develop a strategic Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Plan and use that document to help drive the strategic marketing efforts of your business. This is a powerful and proven tool to keep your marketing efforts focused and on track.

Cure #3: Recruit and retain a business coach, a mentor and possibly a peer advisory group. These people will provide encouragement, guidance and some great ideas for you and your business to grow and to be successful.

Cure #4: Recognize and acknowledge your own “value.” Identify your gifts, talents and unique abilities that you can contribute to your business. A business coach and mentor can help you with this effort.

Cure #5: Develop a strategic client relationship management system, which includes a plan for keeping in touch with your clients and customers, your prospects, and your stakeholders. This will help you achieve Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA).

Cure #6: Commit yourself to turning failures into successes. Adopt an attitude that you will learn from every failure and that you will identify the “lessons learned” and the opportunities created by those lessons.

Cure #7: Create strategic alliances to help market your business. Working with others can create enthusiasm and motivation for you.

Cure #8: Build your network by joining a new group, participating in a new activity, visiting other businesses and meeting new people. Expanding your network will create more opportunities to introduce others to you and your business.

Cure #9: Commit to being a lifelong learner. Obtain more education and seek out new knowledge through reading, taking a teleclass, attending a workshop or seminar or taking a college course. Seeking more education also provides opportunities to be introduced to new people and ideas, which often sparks creativity.

Cure #10: Take some action! Apathy thrives on procrastination. A lack of action can mean financial disaster. So, get up and do something! The energy created by engaging your physical body can translate into energizing your mind also. This energy can be channeled in several ways to help ensure business

Your strategic thinking business coach encourages you to fully realize the benefits of business coaching to strategically prevent apathy, in general and marketing apathy in particular. If you would like to learn more about how a strategic thinking business coach can facilitate and guide you in that endeavor, please contact Glenn Ebersole today through his website at or by email

Glenn Ebersole, Jr. is a multi-faceted professional, who is recognized as a visionary, guide and facilitator in the fields of business coaching, marketing, public relations, management, strategic planning and engineering. Glenn is the Founder and Chief Executive of two Lancaster, PA based consulting practices: The Renaissance Group, a creative marketing, public relations, strategic planning and business development consulting firm and J. G. Ebersole Associates, an independent professional engineering, marketing, and management consulting firm. He is a Certified Facilitator and serves as a business coach and a strategic planning facilitator and consultant to a diverse list of clients. Glenn is also the author of a monthly newsletter, “Glenn’s Guiding Lines – Thoughts From Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach” and has published more than 225 articles on business.