Technological Intelligence

Patents are the largest source of technological facts. Patent are given to the inventor as a praise for its innovation within the shape of the extraordinary right of the monopoly for a duration of 20 years from the concern date of the invention. Due to development inside the IT quarter and internet, now those treasured files are inside the reach of the majority. Any man or woman skilled inside the artwork can undergo numerous patent databases and after a seek can get the patent report of their need. There are one-of-a-kind patent databases viz, USPTO, EPO, JPO, etc freely open for the public access. If we go through the patents related to a specific technological vicinity, we are able to be capable of find the masses of records about the existence cycle of the technological innovation viz.,

o evolutionary route of a selected technology,

o technological development,

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o technological diversification,

o generation merges,

o important players in specific technological location,

o key factors of the particular technology,

“The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) revealed that ninety% to 95% of all of the global’s innovations can be observed in patented documents.”

Patent evaluation can famous very valuable informations, which isn’t always available everywhere. After patent search the critical part is the patent analysis, and one ought to be very concise about their goal of the take a look at. The facts inside the patent documents can be applied in unique form consistent with the want and mapped therefore to get the picture of the whole evaluation in snapshots.

Patent information can be used for the instruction of technological landscapes. Logistic mathematics and circle arithmetic can be very beneficial inside the plotting of the technological landscape. It can screen the evolutionary trend of a era, how it is evolved from a basic generation, together with the length of the technological diversification and its nature. These maps may even supply the designated overview of the merging of the special technology to offer upward thrust to interrupt-thru technologies. These kinds of maps might be very useful for the R&D personals to assess the position in their research and generation, and additionally they may discover way to extra innovate more superior and precious technology.

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In the state-of-the-art worldwide context companies need to understand what technologies can competitors choke without problems, and can be attempting to. They additionally need to realize the spaces in technologies in which opposition is intense, and the areas wherein competition are concentrating their IP improvement and their R&D efforts. They want so one can tune patent acquisition and development strategies and chart out the aggressive landscape. To evaluate generation earlier than making any funding decision, firms need to know the tempo of patenting hobby in the technology, which patents encompass fundamental ideas inside the generation and how prone the company’s technology are to patent infringements. This will provide them tons needed statistics in identifying between era improvement and technology acquisition.

The ability to extract applicable facts from patent literature is a important achievement aspect for everyone concerned in technological innovation. The technology mapping method’s that may be used to transform patent information into know-how that can affect choice-making.

Patents are an essential source of technological intelligence that companies can use to gain strategic benefit. Technology Intelligence is a can be used for accumulating, analyzing, forecasting, and dealing with external technology related facts, which include patent statistics. Computational patent mapping is a technique for the improvement and application of a era knowledgebase for technology and aggressive intelligence. The number one deliverables of patent mapping is within the form of knowledge visualization thru landscape and maps. These maps provide precious intelligence on generation evolution/revolution, nature of various forms of pioneering; massive; natural; and emerging gamers, modern assessment, and so forth.

These sorts of technological maps will prove to be a precious multiplier in R&D and commercialization activities, in diverse ways together with the subsequent:

o Developing similarly insights in response to strategic requirements and policy system within the enterprise

o Forecasting and identifying technological sports and developments inside the enterprise

o Aiding within the visualization of opportunity development and growth paths available to the business enterprise

o Enabling pre-emptive reputation and motion on capability licensing opportunities

o Identifying potential partners and customers

o Identify technology discontinuities and areas of possibilities of their chosen technology

o Monitor and compare the technological system of competition and potential competition

o Support choices on foray and investment into specific technologies and sub-technologies

o Surveillance of technological development of competitors as well as to alert oneself to new entrants to the sphere

o Spotting of white areas or possibility areas within a dense technological domain

o Creative device to simulate new ideas and create new IP

o Complementing corporate IP submitting techniques

o Support era proposals for large scale national and global degree projects

o Support funding and era due diligence on groups

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Patent mapping can be an quintessential part of IP control. It can find treasured records hidden in patents and can provide useful signs for technical tendencies, marketplace trends, competition modifications and technological profile and innovation capacity of a organization. Patent maps are visual representations of patent data that has been mined and aggregated or clustered to highlight precise functions. There is a high degree of flexibility in visualization, which may be in the shape of time-collection or as spatial maps. We provide a extra marketplace and era oriented analysis of the whole set of patent portfolio assets via our patent mapping offerings. Patent mapping can be used to examine the quality of patents with recognize to prevailing generation and the quantity to which patents have an effect on the technology. This is a precious enter in era sourcing/improvement and R&D choices. Patent mapping may be necessary for both firms which have an underneath-applied patent profile and are trying to license/assign it on the maximum favorable terms, in addition to to firms which might be looking at developing patent portfolio electricity in a selected technological field.