Basics of the PMP Certification Exam

What is the PMP certification exam? Well, PMP stands for Project Management Professional, and the exam investigates your understanding and competencies in leading and directing teams and in handing over project outcomes.

It is identified via a huge quantity of Fortune one thousand companies. The list includes AT&T, Citibank, Novartis and Microsoft! Therefore, if you have executed properly inside the PMP examination prep sufficient to let you succeed in the certification examination, then you definitely are at a bonus. You and your title will be sought with the aid of big global agencies.

What’s inside the Exam

The PMP certification exam is computer-based totally. You have to take this in places authorized through the Project Management Institute or PMI.

Although the exam consists of two hundred items (questions in more than one choice format), best one hundred seventy five of these will be graded as the 25 are “pre-release” questions. Of course, it is but herbal now not to be graded for questions which you have already got an answer to.

The PMP certification exam covers six (6) major regions, as follows: initiating, planning, executing, controlling, closing, and expert responsibility. A large part of the exam is focused on the middle areas of making plans, execution and control. It’s just proper for the exam to emphasise on those regions as venture control is in the main approximately the way you develop the plan and execute it to gain effects.

PMP education is also about obligation – toward your career and your social surroundings. This is why this leadership competency is given sufficient credit within the PMP certification exam.

In phrases of percentages, the PMP certification exam is split into the following:

* Initiating – 8%
* Planning – 23%
* Executing – 23%
* Controlling – 23%
* Closing -7%
* Professional duty – 14%

For you to skip the PMP certification examination, you want to answer at the least 137 questions efficaciously or at least sixty eight.Five% of the whole material.

Time Consciousness as a Tip

As with any examination, the PMP certification examination has a time restriction. You are most effective given 4 (4) hours to reply all 2 hundred items. If you need to be strict approximately it, you have at maximum 72 seconds in step with item. Although a few gadgets can be answered to in less than 72 seconds, others want greater time. Sometimes, choosing among alternatives A to D may be very brief, at other instances, it can be pretty unnerving.

This is why in taking the examination, you must continually take heed to the time. After all, that is about mission management – and venture control has a remarkable deal to do with time constraints. In effect, with the aid of truely taking the PMP certification examination, you are already workout one of the standards of mission management – and that is time management.