CieAura Controversy

CieAura – The Controversy

CieAura is a network marketing company selling a unique product that has caused some controversy. The company sells transparent holographic chips that are placed on specific pressure points on the body to reduce pain and discomfort, increase stamina, enhance athletic performance and aid natural sleep. The chips produce no chemicals and have no side-effects, they are based on energy flows, vibrations and magnetism – kind of like acupuncture but without the needles.

The Bad Side Of CieAura

Obviously there are always people who are skeptical about this sort of thing, and this is one of the reasons that CieAura is so controversial. Some people will just refuse to believe that the products work and will call it a scam or a rip-off. It is difficult to say for sure whether the products definitely work or not, but a lot of athletes and scientists recommend them so they must have something about them. In any case, the fact is that if you are an Advisor and you’re trying to sell the products to others you will have some considerable obstacles to overcome.

Too many network marketers waste their time and effort trying to convince people that their products work and are worth investing in. Unfortunately, if somebody is dead set against what you are selling it is pretty unlikely that you will ever change their mind.

CieAura – The Good News

What you need to do, then, is to stop trying to change people’s minds, and start learning strategies that will help you find hundreds of people every single week that ARE interested, and are so desperate to find out more that they are contacting YOU, asking you for help.

You could target people who suffer from joint pain or arthritis, for example, or people who struggle to sleep at night, or you could try focusing on people who are always tired and need more energy. Most network marketers would just approach their family and friends, but they might not be suffering from any of these conditions, and therefore they have much less need for the product. It’s all about making your life as easy as possible, and finding the people who are desperate to be helped is a major part of this.

The key to finding interested customers for your CieAura business is the internet. If you can set yourself up as an expert who has a solution to all these problems then people will listen to you and follow your lead. They will trust what you tell them and will be willing to invest in you and your business. You can build up this trust by blogging, contributing to forums, writing articles, answering questions, and placing helpful adverts cheaply in the right places.

In no time you will have hundreds of interested leads asking you about CieAura and begging you to let them get involved.

The truth about CieAura is that it wont be for everyone, but if you can find the people that are interested, then it could be a decent busniess opportunity.