Internet Marketing for Newbies

I always told everyone that I was a newbie trying to do Internet Marketing. Everyone would smile and nod…muttering something about how they remembered those days. What I didn’t realize is that I wasn’t even close to being an Internet Newbie. I didn’t even have enough basic information to even be considered a newbie.

I started investigating internet marketing around 2008. I loved many things about it, I can work from anywhere on the planet, help other people with the things I knew and love to do and have unlimited income. It felt like the best of all worlds for me. But why didn’t I start helping people and earning money right away? Some people say you can do this in a matter of days. Why not me?

I would fix that and I bought a very expensive training course (one of many), from one of the best known internet marketers in the industry. Oh, did I forget to tell you that at this point in my career that the only real things I knew about the internet or my computer was
1. How to turn it on.
2. How to open my email.
3. Search on the Google and most importantly…
4. Yell for Jim (my husband) to fix anything that I messed up.

Back to the internet and the expensive training course, the more I explored the material the more confused I got. I hired web masters to help me create the sites this guru suggested, $1500.00 and weeks later nothing to show for it. Not really nothing, the RSS feed on my blog went crazy and every day I had thousands of feeds back from the Oprah show. Needless to say my hosting company shut me down within three days, whoops. Depressed was I, on the internet only days and shut down with a stiff warning, “do not do that again”, problem I didn’t even know what “that” was.

I picked myself up and attended a training seminar on the expensive training materials I had purchased, this would be my answer. Great training, no doubt if I had, had a clue about internet marketing from a hole in the ground I would have been in heaven. I only got myself in more trouble by joining yet another expensive group. Every time I listened to their stuff it was as if I was in a whirling hurricane and once in a while I would grab a bit of info that I could understand and possibly use, but how?

Help…I felt like a failure on two levels. One I had spent over $3,000 and failed miserably and number two I had not a clue of how to put any of the information together to start making money.

Thanks be to the Gods that I found two wonderful internet marketing guru’s in Jeanette Cates and Connie Rage Green, life has changed and I am now an internet marketing professional.