The Dream

This is an adaptation of the story “The Dream” author unknown. I have a dream. My dream is the MLM dream, a dream of being successful with my own MLM business.

I have been at this job forever and I am living from paycheck to paycheck. Actually, not quite paycheck to paycheck; I make a choice every pay period which bill gets left till the next pay period. The other day a friend more like an acquaintance told me about their MLM business. At first, I just laughed but then I really started to listen and then dream, “Is this a way for me to be able to take care of my family?” So I really listened to what they had to say and spent my hard-earned money to sign up for my very own multi level business.

I got my package and instructions in the mail on how to grow my MLM business. I listened to my DvDs and got on the conference calls with my up line. I make my list and started calling. Some of my friends and family listened but most laughed and said, “You will never make it”, “You are just throwing your money away”, or “This is a scam”. Some went to meetings with me yet very few signed up. But I did not let anyone discourage me from my dream, the dream of having a successful MLM business.

Next, I realized for my MLM dream to come true I needed more than what was being told me by my up line. I did some searching on the internet for some coaching for my multi level business. Eureka! I have found the help I wanted to make my MLM dream come true. I start the classes and do what I am told to do; I gain skill sets that help me grow my MLM business.

Now I put into practice what I am being taught and put in the work everyday. Since family and friends really do not want or need what I have to offer, now I am working for those that do. I make the calls to those who are looking for what I have to offer. My website is sending people to me who are interested in what I have. Slowly and steadily I am growing my multi level business.

A year has gone by since that first conversation with the acquaintance who introduced me to my MLM business. My MLM dream is coming true. I have spent the time, learned the skills to make it work, and spent the money to make my dream come true. I did not get discouraged when I was laughed at and called a crazy dreamer. I just kept doing what I was being taught and what was working everyday. The other day I was able to go into my boss and say “I quit”.

Yep, I did it! No more boss, no more paycheck to paycheck, I made my MLM dream come true. My family is now being taken care of and no more broke down cars. We are buying the house that we needed for our family. My MLM business has made my dream of financial freedom come true.